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Plans & Pricing

I have flexible pricing packages available to suit any size job or task.

Hourly Rate: I charge an hourly rate of £25 per hour and round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. This pricing plan is best suited for one-off tasks or if you wish to use my services for a small amount of work.

Project Package: If you have a project that needs completing then this pricing plan gives you 10 hours to use in a month. It allows you to have a fixed price so you don’t have to worry about overspending your budget.

Retainer Package: If you have regular, ongoing work and wish to use my service for a set number of hours each month on a continual basis then this package would be best suited to your needs. You can choose from a minimum of 20 hours per month.

With each invoice you will be sent a time report so you can view the full breakdown of how my time was spent.


Are you ready to supercharge your productivity?

What my clients say:

Christy is thorough and efficient and has provided us with excellent ongoing support to our charity. She has great attention to detail and we highly recommend her services.

Susan Pattinson-Kefali (Director) - Women of Worth